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Social Responsability

Château Monfort has been passionately and proudly supporting CasAmica Onlus for several years, a voluntary organization that for over thirty years has welcomed sick people and their families forced to stay away from home, even for long periods, to receive the care they need from the facilities hospital.

In order for the word hospitality to truly take on a profound and concrete meaning, Château Monfort is committed to supporting CasAmica's projects and spreading its knowledge and values.

The Association manages in Milan, with the help of 90 volunteers, 4 shelters (three dedicated to adults and one to children), for a total of approximately 100 beds; Since August 2016, two new homes have been opened, one in Lecco and one in Rome, which has led CasAmica to double its reception.

CasaAmica onlus

Château Monfort has been promoting a culture that is more attentive to environmental, social and economic sustainability for some years.
Our commitment has recently earned us the DCA ESG Sustainability certification from Dream & Charme, the only certifying body in the tourism sector under Accredia accreditation. The requirements achieved concern: 
• Human rights, working relationships and conditions 
• Community involvement and development 
• Aspects relating to customers, users and consumers 
• Health & Safety 
• Data protection and cybersecurity