Route de bonheur

Relais & Châteaux offers ‘tailor-made’ itineraries according to your needs and emotions. Starting from Milan from the fabulous Château Monfort, it’s possible to try the route traced by Gian Piero Vivalda (Great Chef and owner of the Old Royal Crown), retracing his childhood suggests that the rediscovery of the northern regions such as Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria coming to the Côte d'Azur, the pearl of the French territory. 

The route "From Milan to the French Riviera" 
by Gian Piero Vivalda / Owner and Chef of Antica Corte Reale

“Gian Piero Vivalda is the owner and Chef of Antica Corona Reale. I spent my childhood in the valley of Cervere. My grandfather would take me fishing and woodcock hunting. When we returned home, we would cook what we had caught. Little by little, I got to know Piedmont, its scenery and the local produce. I gradually moved further afield, discovering the shores of Liguria and the nearby French Riviera. This was a revelation to me. Since then, I have never tired of repeating this journey whenever I have a little time to spare... ”

  • 1° day 1 night - Château Monfort (Milan) 
  • 2° days 1 night - Relais San Maurizio (Piedmont) 
  • 3° days 1 night - Cap d'Antibes Beach Hotel (Cap d'Antibes)  
  • 4° days 1 night - La Meridiana (Liguria) 

The route "From Milan to the northern lakes"

As a capital of fashion, Milan is a favorite destination for lovers of art and culture. Galleries and luxury stores exhibit their treasures in the shadow of the spires, turrets and statues of the Duomo, the magnificent cathedral. Milan, the city lighthouse that welcomed the Universal Expo 2015. Towards the north, silver-tinted lakes. With its camellia and oleander-filled gardens and its "floating" palaces, this Italy is timeless. Como, Lugano and Orta Lakes rival one another in romantic beauty. The shores of Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano are shared between Italy and Switzerland. Elegance knows no border.

  • 1° day 1 night - Villa Crespi (Orta San Giulio, Novara) 
  • 2° days 1 night - Château Monfort (Milan) 
  • 3° days 1 night - Villa Principe Leopoldo (Lugano)  
  • 4° days 1 night - Castello del Sole (Ascona) 



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