Stefano Risolè - 1
Stefano Risolè
Hotel Manager at Château Monfort

When did you start working with Planetaria Hotels? 
In 2005, as a receptionist. I worked for another hotel group for four years, then returned in 2011 upon the opening of Château Monfort.

What do you think sets your hotel apart? 
Château Monfort is a unique and magical place in Milan. The beauty of a historic building from the early-20th century and the imagination of the staff create an original experience for our guests, seeking a place to be themselves, where the hospitality is sincere and the result of an abundance of passion, where you always feel at home.

Which aspect is most appreciated by your guests?
The relaxing surroundings, the poetic taste, the history of the location and the spontaneity of the guests and staff.

How is the Planetaria Hotels philosophy of BE AS YOU ARE expressed in your hotel? 
It is not a tangible element, it is in the air.

Is there a secret area of your hotel in which you love to spend time? 
I spend each hour of the day in the lobby and in our lounge bar. I open the door to customers like any Maître de Maison in their Relais & Châteaux accommodation. I pass most of my time with my guests.

A place in Milan to discover.
Not to be missed is a tour of Art Nouveau buildings in the Monforte district. However, all of Milan is to be explored...


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