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Domenico M.

Chef at Restaurant Rubacuori

When did you start working with Planetaria Hotels?
I started working with Planetaria Hotels on 5th December 2011, during the opening of the Château. The kitchen was still taking shape, materially and philosophically.

What is the most stimulating aspect of your job?
The continuous option to freely create or experiment with my idea of cuisine, without being forced and remaining in continuous evolution.

Which dishes are most appreciated by your guests?
Our Château risotto, the red prawn carpaccio with Zucchine alla Scapece, ravioli filled with Neapolitan ragout and beef cheek with organic braised polenta. To each of these traditional dishes, being connected to the history of Milan, I added a dash of my Campania origins.

Describe your cooking philosophy in 3 words.
Taste, creativity and colour.

Which ingredient are you most passionate about?
Red mullet, due to its intense flavour that nonetheless adapts to many recipes.

Which dish (or ingredient) best describes you? 
Ravioli filled with Neapolitan ragout, born from my childhood memories.