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rabbit.png NAME: Juan Lapin
AGE: Feels very young
HEIGHT: 15 cm
CHARACTER: Funny and lively
LOVES: to play hide-and-seek, steal carrots from the Chef, hide himself in the Sala le Segrete
HATES: broccoli, hunting season

Once upon a time, in a urban castle called Château Monfort, Ambrogio the magician lived with his beloved bunny Juan Lapin. Together they achieved big success but one day Juan realized that even if fame made him happy, he lost one important thing: freedom. So one day he escaped from the castle. Ambrogio desperately looked for him everywhere: in the “Sala dell’Incantesimo”, in the “Alcova del Rubacuori”… but there was no trace of Juan. So Ambrogio decided to continue his magic shows without his dearest friend. Until one day, opening the doors of the palace, he saw many bunnies in front of the building, running around happy, and among them there was his faithful friend Juan, glad to have found freedom and love. Now it seems that Juan Lapin has been imprisoned by the magician Ambrogio in the halls of Château.

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