Rubacuori Restaurant

The Rubacuori Restaurant has three separate dining areas.

Sliding doors divide up the 3 areas which are preceded by the Sala del dolce Risveglio: a fairytale tearoom where you can enjoy delicacies amongst cups and teapots turned into lamps.

From this area, guests go through into the Sala del Rubacuori, with small round mirror-surfaced tables and beautiful silver painted chairs with comfortable, heart-shaped seats in pastel shades.

To the left of the main Sala del Rubacuori is the Alcova del Rubacuori (or Room of Mirrors) with comfortable retro chic sofas reinterpreted with a modern look.

To the right of the main Sala del Rubacuori is the Sala della Caccia (or Trophy Room), a light-hearted recreation of a hunting lodge decorated with white pottery hunting trophies.

Sala Rubacuori

Sala della Caccia

Alcova del Rubacuori