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Boutique Hotel Milano: Château Monfort

Château Monfort is a five-star luxury hotel located in the heart of Milan.

The hotel will enchant you with its beautifully restored and elegantly furnished interiors, with an atmosphere and charm reminiscent of a romantic castle, to allow each guest to act out the leading role in their own favourite fairy tale.

Totally inspired by the concept of fairy-tale atmospheres, Château Monfort inaugurates a new kind of hotel: that of the Urban Château, a new context distinguished by a strong identity, creativity and imagination.

In an environment place able to arouse emotions, dreams and reality meet in an original reinterpretation of the interiors according to an exquisite neo-Romantic style, made up of enchanted gardens, dungeons and interiors that bring to mind that vast repertoire of fairy tales with which each of us are familiar, at least when we were children.

Château Monfort is part of the collection of Planetaria Hotels www.planetariahotels.com, an Italian hotel chain that has luxury four or five-star establishments all over Italy located in art cities and small Medieval towns.